What is minimalism? – What the minimalism lifestyle is to me

Let’s talk about minimalism –

Minimalism can mean different things to different people. You may have seen a few documentaries or youtube videos on what minimalism is (everyone has an opinion, including me!).

Here are just a few examples of what minimalism looks like to some people:

  • People who have one chair In the room.
  • People who don’t own a microwave.
  • Some people have monochromatic homes.
  • Some people live in a tiny house or in an RV.
  • Some people it’s only about shopping habits.
  • Some people just want to declutter.


The great thing is ALL of these people are right because minimalism isn’t about perfection or being as OCD as possible.

Whatever it is know that minimalism can mean whatever it means to you and your family.

I want to warn you though – be careful with labels – they do nothing but corner you into a stereotype. My advice to you is to throw out any preconceived definition of minimalism and make it your own.

How I define minimalism


To me, minimalism is becoming more aware and intentional of my things, my behaviors, my environment, my to-do list, my time, the people in my life, my priorities, my negative thoughts just to name a few. Because freedom is my ultimate goal – simplifying all of the above areas of my life have given me freedom.

Another way I have heard it defined is: Simplifying your life to the essentials so you can enjoy the important things in life that aren’t necessarily things!

It’s a constantly evolving way of life. We are forever changing and this is a great thing to embrace is that you are evolving all of the time. What minimalism means to you today might change tomorrow or in 6 months. Just do what feels right to you and your family.

In summary, I believe minimalism can touch upon every aspect of your life (if you want it to). It can improve the atheistic of your home as well as how you manage your to-do list every day. I am all about a life of less is more. Less of the things that don’t serve me, and more of what I love.

Let me know in the comments what minimalism means to you.


Hello there! My name is Glenda Hoon Russell and I am the owner/author of The Status Foe. The status quo distracts us from being who we truly are and I am here to challenge that. I help 30-something women find their path back to themselves through building self-awareness, self-worth, and self-acceptance so they can create a life they love.

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