The Status Foe Book

You are here because you heard I was writing a badass book about how the status quo is the enemy to living the life you truly deserve.

What is this life you truly deserve?

  • You deserve to experience joy.
  • You deserve to have well-being.
  • You deserve to live peacefully.


The problem is our status quo (or the way things are) distracts all of us from living a life we truly deserve. We end up chasing happiness through escapsim, material things, and deterimental thought patterns that prevent us from living out our true potential. And that is my goal with the book is to encourage you reevaulate perspectives caused by social conditioning and the people who raised you, and ask “Is this my decision or theirs?”.

Is The Status Foe book for you?

  • I don’t want to just pay bills and die.
  • Stress and anxiety are overwhelming me especially my thoughts!
  • I like relatable stories and the occasional swear word.
  • I have no idea where to begin but I know I want a change.
  • I like personal developmental and looking at new perspectives.
  • I like a little woo, a little logic, and a lotta positive energy!
  • I donโ€™t have any motivation or focus.
  • I have no hobbies or interests, I just work.


If you answered yes to any of these, then “The Status Foe” is for you. I use a compassionate tough-love approach by helping you change your relationship with the things that seem to control you and taking your power back. I walk you through how to cultivate your quiet confidence through letting go, finding acceptance for who you are, and creating space in your life for more of what you love (and getting rid of what holds you down).

I believe in not waiting for life to happen but to begin creating the life YOU actually want to live. Sounds crazy? So did I, until I did it and now I am living the life I created.

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