Shameless things frugal people do  |  frugal living & simple life

Shameless things frugal people do | frugal living & simple life

There’s no shame in saving money and that’s why I absolutely love all of these ideas I have collected from various frugal enthusiasts. I’ll start first and list mine as the top five. Let me know in the comments what shameless things YOU do to save money.

Side Note

A quick side note about shameless things we do to save money. I absolutely cannot stand it when people deliberately steal to save money, and I don’t support it at all. This can be as simple as ordering water and then filling it at the soda station with sprite or returning a used mattress right before the refund warranty is up. There is someone down the line that has to pay for your stealing, even if it’s only pennies for the soda or hundreds of dollars for the mattress. Eventually the business owners need to make up for these costs and this drive up the prices for everyone including you. I truly believe if you put out good intentions and energy, that good energy will circle back to you. The same is for negative energy.

Be smart AND honest, your goals can be achieved one small step at a time.

Now back to our normally scheduled program… 😉

  1. Save all of the napkins whenever we order takeout and use them as napkins at home.
  2. Take that a step further and usually the napkins from restaurants are super thick so I cut them in half right before we use them.
  3. If I know a family member or friend is doing some spring cleaning, I ask if I can come look at what they are donating. I offer to help them take it to the thrift store afterwards. Because who drives around with their donation bags in their trunk for a few months, like me?!?!
  4. I am a ‘tube cutter’ …. I will cut any tube of product (toothpaste, tomato paste, eye cream) in half and scrape out the rest for days until it’s completely empty.
  5. I don’t buy fancy mason jars but instead use old pickle jars for storage or as a tupperware. (spray paint the lids if you want matching jars!)
  6. Whenever we have leftover sauce packets from takeout we bring them home and use for another meal.
  7. I pour the ketchup packets into my current bottle!
  8. I shower at the gym to save hot water.
  9. I’ve taken other people’s leftovers at lunch (only the people were dining with lol) to feed to my chickens.

  10. I stuff my purse with candy and snacks to bring to the movies.
  11. When I worked as a janitor we had to change the tp rolls when they were half gone. I took the last half home.
  12. Hang dry my clothes inside.
  13. Make soup from random veggie about to go bad.
  14. I only get my three year old the free water cup at starbucks, instead of buying her a drink…all that matters to her is that she has the same cup as mom anyway lol.
  15. I check all coin slots and keep my eyes on the ground. It is a slight obsession (lol).
  16. If I know a family member or friend is doing some spring cleaning, I ask if I can come look at what they are donating. I offer to help them take it to the thrift store afterwards.
  17. I take my kids to Costco around lunch time 😂 free lunch.
  18. We have 5 kids, so many evenings from 3:30pm until 9pm or later are spent at the ball fields for games and/or practices. I buy the same foods/snacks and drinks they have in the concession stand and take them to the ballfields. I even make hotdogs and wrap them in foil to take. No one has ever noticed, or at least never mentioned it.
  19. I also only wash my hair every other shower to save water and shampoo/conditioner. I’m considering cutting my hair significantly to save even more.
  20. Pretty much do everything myself wiki and YouTube if I can make it or fix it myself I do that 💯 every time even if I end up looking like this.
  21. I use different emails for referral and first time discounts.
  22. I rewash plastic bags.
  23. I rip my paper towels in little segments.
  24. Separate my pre-1982 Copper pennies from newer Zinc ones, for melt value.
  25. Keep the extra condiment packets like hotsauce, ranch, ketchup, soysauce etc. that came with our meal to reuse later.
  26. I take home the extra shampoo/conditioner/soap packages from hotels.
  27. Regift gifts I know I won’t use.
  28. I get lots of things curbside on garbage day.
  29. Cut mouthwash by a third with water.
  30. We do free events with kids at the library.
  31. I dont have a car, so I use public transport.

I want to know in the comments what shameless things YOU do to save money. Happy savings!


Hello there! My name is Glenda Hoon Russell and I am the owner/author of The Status Foe. The status quo distracts us from being who we truly are and I am here to challenge that. I help 30-something women find their path back to themselves through building self-awareness, self-worth, and self-acceptance so they can create a life they love.

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  1. I love all of these ideas and I actually do many of them. So glad someone else cuts the toothpaste tube open!
    I also rinse out the laundry detergent bottle and use every drop.
    I reuse my ziplocks for things like travel bc I like to put travel liquids in them and also for things that they can easily be washed.
    I reuse foil that has not gotten greasy.
    I extend the life of my large trash bags by using any plastic store bags I have for sealing up smelly items like onion peels or meat packaging.
    I save the extra ketchup from eating out until I get enough to make homemade barbecue meatballs.
    I reuse glass jars and any plastic food containers from sour cream, etc. for food storage.
    I have a clothesline I use religiously.
    I also have a ragbag that all old towels and shirts go into. I use them for cleaning and can throw them away if they get too nasty.
    When any juice, lemon or lime is about to go bad, I freeze the juice in an ice tray to use for cocktails, marinades, sauces and dressings.
    Any vegetable that is about to go bad either gets blanched and frozen or put in a freezer bag for vegetable stock.
    Keep up the good work everyone !!

    1. Hi Janise, I LOVE all of your ideas here, and do a lot of those too! I really like the vegetable stock one – such a great idea!!! I usually give vet-approved vegetable scraps to my dog but this is such a good idea for garlic and onion scraps. Thanks for visiting the blog! -g

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