These are a products and services I have tested, use, and recommend. I only recommend things that I believe in, so some are just links and some are affliates. I may earn pennies if you purchase through my links. Do your research and find the product or service that works best for you and your family.


Bose Headphones

I claim that Bose Headphones saved my marriage. No really, they did! When you live and work within 10 feet of each other, all day, everyday, space can feel… cramped. We both work and talk on the phone everyday so imagine trying to come up with creative concepts while the other person is talking on the phone. I was getting frustated at listening to his conversations so I needed something more than just my iphone headphones. After much research and biting the bullet (these aren’t cheap), I am satisifed with my headphones.  The truth is these aren’t perfectly sound proof, I can still hear Kris talk/cough but it’s 80% better where as my headphones only covered 40% with the music blasting.


Book Recommendation: You Are a Badass

There was a point in my life where I felt so stuck, so alone. I didn’t know where to turn or what to do next. I happened to pick up this book at a little book store (the yellow cover caught my eye) and flip through it. I knew immediately I was meant to read it. It helped me realize the feeling of being stuck is all in my head and it’s MY responsiblity to take control of my life. This book helped me understand if I wanted to live a great fulfilling life, I already had the keys to use to create that life. This book helped me find those keys. I can’t recommend this book enough.

This is our free personal budgeting tool we use everyday for managing our money. I really like how it connects all of our accounts (checking, savings, and retirement) into one easy to read format. My favorite part is the budgeting and trends area that really gives you a wake up call if you are spending too much in one area. I also have notifications on if you are getting close to a budget.

Headspace: Meditation App

Meditation has changed my life for the better. I never thought I would say “I meditate every single day” but I do. Meditation isn’t about sitting on a rock, over looking mountain tops, feeling euphoric 100% of the time. It’s about learning how to acknowledge your thoughts and control your reactions to them. Imagine your thoughts as a sky – sometimes it’s clear blue skies and sometimes it’s cloudy and stormy where we can’t think about anything else but the storm. The thing is the blue skies are always available to us, like when you are in a plane and fly above the clouds. Blue skies are there without fail, right? Meditation helps me on a daily basis realize I have access to those blue skies at all times. It’s really quite beautiful.


Impact Collapsible, Durable Aluminum Dog Crate

This is by far the best dog crate we have ever used. First of all, our dog Forbes is a rescue and had (and still suffers) with severe seperation anxiety. He really is a Dr Jeyll and Mr. Hyde situation. The reality is we can’t take dogs everywhere so we have to leave him in the RV. This crate is indestructable for a dog who is known to chew through metal. The other major perk is the crate folds up and with limited space we are grateful for any space saving items.



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