How to find FREE events when you are broke. 

How to find FREE events when you are broke. 

How to find FREE events when you are broke.

I love the challenge of finding free to very low-cost activities when we are traveling. It helps us to save money for our priorities but also exposes us to events we may not have found if we were just doing the normal tourist traps. Check out my latest video on how I find these FREE events when we are walking through a new town.

Use this site to find odd-end recipe ideas.

If you are like me, when you do a No Spend Week or a pantry cleaning, you’ll find some random items in your pantry and freezer. See what site I use to come up with some creative recipe ideas. TIP: Make it a challenge to NOT go to the grocery store but to use only items in your pantry. Sometimes that is easier said than done but it’s a fun “use what you have” challenge.

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