Family of 5 Sold Everything & Moved Into a Skoolie (School Bus) – What does freedom mean to you?

Family of 5 Sold Everything & Moved Into a Skoolie (School Bus) – What does freedom mean to you?

Hi and welcome! On today’s episode I am changing it up by interviewing the Byer family. They are a family of 5 living in a converted school bus. It’s not just any school bus, but the most colorful happy thing you’ll ever see, and it fits the Byers perfectly! #happybus Their days consist of homeschooling, building empires, being present, and the whole family volunteering their talents in other countries like Bhutan at least once a year. I hope their story inspires you that a family of any size can live a life of freedom. Let me know in the comments what you think of this video!

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Filmed in Santa Fe, New Mexico


Hello there! My name is Glenda Hoon Russell and I am the owner/author of The Status Foe. The status quo distracts us from being who we truly are and I am here to challenge that. I help 30-something women find their path back to themselves through building self-awareness, self-worth, and self-acceptance so they can create a life they love.

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  1. stephen and Barbara Barry says:

    The Byers are truly a terrific family. We were fortunate to have spent some time with them, and miss them. We saw recently that the twins are avid swimmers – we will never forget the day we had with them in the pool in Ft. Myers. Safe travels always.

    1. Hey there Stephen and Barbara! How blessed are you to have met the Byers and spend some time with them. Thank you for stopping by and watching the video. Have a great one and safe travels to you both! -Glenda

  2. Loved how you captured my good buddies Jen & Bill! I’m Jen’s biz partner and have gone through this journey with them through our daily conversations, emails and texts! and they spent some time here with us in New Haven at the beginning of this experience and it’s been so fun following along! I love your style, I love the interview and it was put together really beautifully. Thank you for doing such a fabulous job with these awesome peeps. Jen told me so much about you! so glad I got to know a teeny bit of you thru interview!

    1. Lani, hi!! Thanks so much for watching the video and your kind words. The Byers are just so beautiful, they really did put a mark on my heart. Jen spoke so highly of you as well, I am so excited to see what comes of your business. Have a great week! -Glenda

  3. I love this interview Glenda and now I have a new wonderful family to follow. A family who truly gets what freedom is. I felt the same way when we got rid of all our STUFF! You have a free and easy way of interviewing which really made me feel comfortable and engaged while watching! Keep it up, would love to hear more stories like this!

    1. Thank you so much Tina for checking out this post. I am so glad you liked it and I will definitely plan to make more of these type videos in the future.

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