1-1 Coaching

I am a self-awareness coach helping people become more self-aware in their healing journey so they can cultivate inner peace and freedom.

I can help you:

  • Learn tools for your Inner Toolkit to help aid you during your healing process
  • Understand your mind, thoughts, and emotions so you can learn how to manage them to relieve stress and anxiety.
  • You are exhausted of the same ole approach to grind your way to success and want to try a kinder more peaceful approach to feeling content.
  • Use tools to manage stress with nature and mindfulness.
  • You want to be more intentional in your life but don’t know where or have the energy to start.
  • Grow your self-awareness.
  • Create clear goals and actionable steps to achieve them.
  • Keep you accountable.
  • Find your inner peace and balance.
  • Realize the power of your mind.

The crazy thing is you encompass all of the above already, and I will help you become more aware of all of the layers blocking you from your full potential.

What to expect:

During a coaching session, you will experience a safe place I hold for you to truly shine and discover your true awesomeness. Some sessions will include conversation, goal planning, learning new tools and techniques, or working through blocks. In other sessions, we sit together on video/ phone, and in other sessions, I will ask you to “walk with me” as we move our energy together as we talk. The important aspect is every person and session is different and catered to what you need that day and the goals we have set in the beginning. No two sessions or two of my clients are ever alike.

My approach is warm and honest, and sometimes this honesty will be hard to hear but know that sometimes we must face the hard truth to free ourselves from the chains holding us back. You will leave feeling heard but also be held accountable. I can help you discover your inner strengths to inspire you to make positive changes that will benefit you and others in your life.

What makes my coaching sessions different?

I am not your typical coach. We will look at limiting beliefs and any cultural/past conditioning that may be blocking you from moving forward such as influences from our hustle and perfection culture, diet culture, or that taking care of yourself is selfish as an example. Instead, we reframe those existing beliefs to be more compassionate and kind to yourself so you can achieve what you want to achieve with ease and not angst. I use stories, research, and practices from my studies and practices in psychology, secular Buddhism, and nature therapy guidance. We also create systems to understand your behavioral and thought patterns, and then you can decide if those are in alignment with your highest and best self.

Your next steps:

If you feel like this is the right path for you, feel free to schedule a no-obligation call with me. This call is purely a vibe check to see if we are the right fit. Before this call, I will send you a questionnaire. It is important we both feel as if we are the right fit to make the most of your journey, and I can be the best guide for you.

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