“The suffering in our world is a reflection of the suffering in our minds. Humans are at war within ourselves so we create war within each other. Until we make peace with ourselves we won’t be at peace with each other or nature.”  – Unknown


How it Started

Hi there! My name is Glenda Hoon Russell (she/her). I used to be a people-pleasing, overthinking, autopilot living, constantly anxious, and a stressed-out hot mess. I was screaming in pain internally and covering it up with a big smile externally. I thought checking off all of the boxes our society was telling me I had to do would bring me happiness, so I kept at it while suffering internally by:

  • being exceptionally hard on myself, my inner dialogue constantly degrading my intellect, body, and ideas as never enough.
  • thinking I could control what people thought of me if I was nice, quiet, and pleased them.
  • I was completely controlled by my anxiety, thoughts, and emotions.
  • thinking it was selfish to take time for myself or to enjoy being alone.
  • I would go out of my way to get noticed, appreciated, and validated.
  • I was ashamed for wanting to live differently than everyone else.
  • I escaped through alcohol, an eating disorder, and glorifying busyness.
  • Thinking I could control the future by over planning and worrying.


I kept telling myself there is something wrong with me. I kept running faster and harder on this hamster wheel thinking it would bring me happiness and fulfillment. And it never did.

Instead, I ended up being ashamed, hungover, exhausted, and numb. I had little to no self-worth or purpose and thought this is just how life will be. Cheese and rice was I wrong.

Then in 2013, I lost my dad to a six-year battle with a degenerative neurological disease. He basically metamorphized from a normal functioning adult to a lucid vegetable. Three years later, my mom passed away suddenly from a heart attack. Both of these events completely turned my life upside down. Although my tranformation was not the flip of a switch, these tragic events suddenly woke me up to see life differently.

I began to see how precious life is and how fortunate I am to have the ability to walk, eat, talk, and use the bathroom by myself after years of watching my dad lose these abilities. I began to see that I have little control over most things in life. I began to finally see how incredibly blessed I am to be alive right now. At any moment, my life, health, loved ones can change, so why the heck was I putting off living my best life until later. Someday I’ll find happiness. Someday I’ll feel fulfilled. Someday it’ll all come together. That someday wasn’t happening so I made up my mind to create a life I wanted because tomorrow is never promised.

My healing journey began by questioning everything and asking why often. Why am I living a certain way? Who am I trying to impress? Why do I feel this guilt or shame? What makes me happy, and what sets me off? Who told me I had to think and live this way? These are just a few questions I would ask myself over and over.

Just like when we date someone, we ask them questions and do things with them as we begin to get to know them. I learned to finally begin befriending myself – something I was never taught before. I learned about my strengths and especially my weaknesses and how to embrace them. I started observing my behaviors and thought patterns. I began to listen to the little voice in my heart. I began to see how I was reacting out of so much pain I picked up along the way of never feeling enough. I finally started learning who I was inside and not who everyone was telling me to be.

I genuinely believe that self-awareness is a superpower. In a society that tells us to be like everyone else, I encourage you to know yourself, create yourself, and be yourself.


Sounds simple, right? The problem is we live in a society that discourages us from knowing ourselves. We’re taught it’s selfish to take time for ourselves. We’re taught we’re weak for asking for help or slowing down. We’re taught we aren’t enough if we aren’t doing more than the person next to us. So we push, and we push ourselves, not with love but guilt and shame. This creates an inner world of hate, which then transcends into our behaviors to others.

“The suffering in our world is a reflection of the suffering in our minds. Humans are at war within ourselves, so we create war within each other. Until we make peace with ourselves we won’t be at peace with each other or nature.” – Unknown

As you can see, the bigger picture is to heal the collective but to do this, we must begin by healing ourselves, which then ripples to our loved ones and eventually to the world. Do I believe in a Utopia? Not really. But I do believe that compassion, kindness, and love can heal so much suffering, even it’s simply shown in our households.

I help 30 something women find peace within themselves and remember who they are.

I help women learn about their thoughts and minds to distinguish what thoughts are helpful or not helpful to bring their highest and best self. I encourage women to incorporate play and curiosity back into their lives to enjoy their life again or for the first time. I teach women to find their version of peace within themselves, so when life hits them, they have tools to move forward skillfully. I guide women to find their own path to have the courage and confidence to make the changes to create a life they love. I help women keep themselves accountable so they can achieve the results they want while being kind to themselves.

This isn’t a 10-day detox to enlightenment. The work is hard. The healing process isn’t all fun and games, but once you begin to experience peace and have the freedom to be you, you’ll wonder why you didn’t do this sooner.

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We’ve all heard of the status quo, right? The definition of the status quo is the way things are right now or the current state of affairs. And I think the status quo is our enemy of living the life you truly deserve.

The status quo distracts us with its shiny promises of temporary happiness, which leave us feeling empty. We’re so busy keeping up with someone else’s timeline and dream that we are left exhausted and drained. But we naturally want to feel good, so we continue to chase temporary happiness. We spend so much time building a life according to this so-called dream that we are strangers to ourselves.

I am here to help you unbecome everything that doesn’t suit your highest and best self. We must slowly and methodically remove each layer of societal or parent conditioning that blocks us from truly being ourselves. When you can freely be yourself there is a quiet confidence to live peacefully and have the tools to help you when life gets inevitably difficult.

About Glenda the Good Witch

Hi, my name is Glenda Hoon Russell! You can call me Glenda the Good Witch (from the Wizard of OZ). Let me just fix my crown real quick. Although I am a native Texan, I have lived in an RV with my husband and dog since 2017, working and traveling across the US. Some of my favorite things to do are being in nature, hiking, cooking nourishing foods and indulgent treats, learning about humans and how we work, rock and crystal hounding, creating any kind of art, having deep conversations, going to ashrams and spiritual retreats, and being present with those I love.

For my work, I enjoy transformational speaking and motivating humans, especially women, to find their inner peace, self-worth, and challenge the status quo with grace. I also enjoy working as a transformational life coach, helping women find their inner peace and remember who they are under all of the masks society tells us to wear.

Finally, I am the creator of art and words. I currently have an Etsy shop with my artwork for purchase. My soon to be published book, The Status Foe, will be released in spring 2021. I can’t tell you how thrilled I am to finally release this book into the world! I am also available for collaboration and hire for publications and articles in alignment with my message. Feel free to message me here so we can begin working together.




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