If we were meant to stay in one place, we’d have roots instead of feet.
-Person who said this.


We’ve all heard of the status quo, right? The definition of the status quo is the way things are right now or the current state of affairs. And I think the status quo is our enemy, to living the life you truly want.

My daily life used to look like this. Life was happening to me instead of doing what I wanted – I would begrudgingly wake up in a house that’s too big, in a city I lived in because of the job potential, swimming in debt, to put on stuffy clothes I didn’t like, to impress people who don’t care for me, to drive in traffic in a car I couldn’t afford, to work 8-12 hours a day for a job that will replace me in seconds, to go home to drink alcohol to take the edge off from the workday, to watch hours of television that uninspired me, to go to bed to have insomnia to wake up to an alarm clock to do it all over again. Ugh.

Do parts of this day resonate with you? Well, this is similar to how my day was for many years until

I decided to make a change.

My name is Glenda Hoon Russell and I am the creator of the Status Foe, a place for you to learn and feel inspired to take the steps to create space in your life for freedom. I am not some guru but am just a normal person who has a vision and is achieving it every day. My life isn’t rainbows and unicorns every day, but I am grateful and blessed to be living such an intentional life. My goal is to share with you what we did and do on a daily basis, to live a life of freedom and have fun while we’re at it so you can create a life you love.


Around August of 2016, Kris (my husband) and I decided it was time to change our lives. My sweet mom passed suddenly from a heart attack in July, and Kris was unexpectedly laid off just a few weeks later.  Just a few years earlier in late 2013, my father passed away after an intense, multiyear battle with a despicable neurological disease. Especially after my mom’s passing, Kris and I began to question what we were doing with our lives. We began to really see how delicate and quick life truly is. Kris was working insane hours and sitting in Houston traffic every day. My web and graphics design agency, Drip Drop Creative; for 8+ years I’d run my company from home, and managed to turn a modest profit every year.

But to be honest, something was missing from our lives. We don’t feel the call for children (at least yet) and we were disillusioned with the rat race.

The rat race of never feeling fully content with what you have and always wanting more.

I don’t know why our culture is raising humans to think the American dream is to get out of high school, go into debt, go to college, get a job, get married, have 2-3 kids, get into more debt with a house and nice cars, work, work, work, work, maybe retire, and then die.

We decided this isn’t for us and life is too short. At any time, we can get sick or die, so

why do we wait until retirement, if we even make it that far to enjoy life?

So, the talking ended and the doing started (this is where the magic happens). We made the scary decision to sell or give away nearly everything we owned and downsize from suburbia to a class A motor home. We sold a motorcycle, a car, my mom and dad’s house, and two houses full of stuff in five short months. Phew!

So here we are in our journey. We hope you feel inspired to fill your life with adventure. This journey has inspired us in ways we couldn’t have even imagined.




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